Zoukak Theatre Company

Zoukak Theatre Company in Lebanon uses psychosocial theatre interventions of drama therapy and socially engaged theatre to meet the wellbeing needs of marginalized communities and people affected by conflict. For those in crises situations who engage in arts programs and theater there is no question as to the benefits for them individually and collectively.

The benefits of such work beyond individual psychosocial wellbeing should not be underestimated; some of the most fundamental tensions and interactions in society have been explored through theatre, notions of justice are based on theatre dialectics, and political narratives started through art and drawing.

This type of thinking and deep questioning is offered again through theatre in crisis situations where people removed from the daily comforts of life can reflect on their past, present and future in a unique way that allows for the creation of alternative narratives. This is a powerful counter to political narratives that are so often disconnected from peoples’ lived experiences.