National Music Conservatory of the King Hussein Foundation

The National Music Conservatory (NMC) of the King Hussein Foundation is an educational and cultural institution established to encourage the development of accomplished musicians and to promote music awareness and appreciation in Jordan by providing educational opportunities in music as well as performances that raise the music awareness in the local society. 

NMC provides music education at the college and preparatory levels, and has a cooperation agreement with Yarmouk University to award a Bachelor's Degree in Music. Dedicated student musicians can specialize in Performance, Composition and Conducting, Arab Music, Music Education, or Music.

NMC is equipping university graduates to become music therapists, using music to treat victims of trauma as a result of armed conflict, loss, illness, or disability. The University’s own studies with refugees in Jordan demonstrated music therapy was able to help a significant number of people in managing stress and encouraging self-expression, reaching a broad diversity of people including children and people with motor disabilities.

The therapy is clinical in the sense that a therapist is involved in the musical activities with the beneficiary where imagination, song, instrumental improvisation and words are mobilized to achieve therapeutic outcomes.