Blue Birds

Jabal Amman Publishers, an award winning Jordan-based publishing house, recently published the book, Blue Birds - a story of hope written by Engy Jarrouj at the age of sixteen, from a child’s viewpoint, expressing the experiences of Syrian children that is rarely reflected through news and correspondents’ reports.

Engy Jarrouj is a Syrian refugee who fled Syria and is currently studying in England. The story is based on real life events, some of which she experienced and others from the experiences of her family and friends. It details not only the experiences of war and escape, but the process of receiving counselling and mental health support.

The illustrations in the book were drawn by award winning Jordanian artist, Hassan Manasrah; they powerfully depict the imaginings of a child removed from political or religious agendas.

Find out more or order your copy here. A percentage of the book sales will be donated to Sawiyan to help refugees in Jordan.