Beyond the Raging Sea

O2, two Egyptian adventurers, took a voyage across the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat, which they turned into the documentary, ‘Beyond the Raging Sea’ which raises awareness on the global refugee crisis (collaboration with UNHCR, UNDP, DHL and IEFTA).

The film draws attention to the journeys in which thousands of refugees lose their lives in search for safety and provides an insight into the fear they experience during this journey. It's success shows how the art and culture sector is uniquely able to garner broader participation in the displacement crisis; it is a means through which people can believe in the cause. Where global problems are so large and intractable it is easy for people to lose hope and while there are practical things people can do the challenge remains to communicate these steps and break seemingly impossible challenges into achievable parts.

O2 address the issue of being desensitized to the refugee story and through their own journey allow people to connect with refugees’ plight.