Arabic Journal and Platform on Displacement

Following the first regional academia roundtable organized by UNHCR MENA and the WANA Institute in April of 2017, participants recommended the development of an Arabic Journal to enrich Arabic content relating to refugees and displaced persons within the MENA region as well as engage with refugee dialogue more directly by employing Arabic as the language of exchange. Although there is a multitude of publications and journals that are dedicated to displacement and refugee issues, there is yet to be one that is from MENA, and in much of the region’s native tongue. 

Since then Arab Institute of Human Rights in Tunisia has taken the lead in developing the MENA Academic Journal and Platform on Displacement. This will be the first of its kind in the region producing peer-reviewed scholarly material from the region, on displacement issues and solutions the region, in Arabic language.

The initiative aims to support Arabic scholarly research on displacement issues and reduce the gap between academic research and public materials on displacement published by scholars in the region. In doing so it will aim to enrich the discourse on displacement in the region, promote localized knowledge production, and become a reputable source of information and recommendations to influence policy making.

The core idea of the journal is to create opportunities for localized and regional knowledge production on displacement with the long-term aim of becoming a reputable reference for policymaking and expert advice from the region.

Arab Institute for Human Rights has made significant progress in developing the online platform which will act as a repository for the journal’s editions, to be launched in 2021.