Vision, Mission and Objectives                              

The MENA CSND envisages a region that respects and implements policies related to displacement and refugees that are based on international and regional human rights instruments, responsibility sharing,  supporting host communities and social cohesion; and where partnerships to respond to protection and assistance needs are inclusive



The Middle East and North Africa Civil Society Network for Displacement works together to widen the protection and assistance space for displaced persons and refugees in a more effective and comprehensive manner and support host communities, in partnership with all interested parties in agreement with international law for human rights, international humanitarian law, relevant regional laws, and customary international humanitarian law.



 1. To provide a regional platform for consultation and cooperation among MENA CSND
members on issues of common interest related to displacement, refugees and
humanitarian action;
2. To exchange information of common interest and strengthen the capacity of MENA
CSND Members;
3. To influence policy making;
4. To carry out joint advocacy and outreach for refugees, displaced persons and host communities;
5. To develop strategies to widen the protection space and assistance in the region for
refugees and host communities;
6. To facilitate and promote inclusive partnerships across the Middle East and North Africa;
7. To advance the rights of displaced persons and refugees.


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